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AMATI MUSIC was established under its' present name in 2001 to coincide with the arrival in Japan of the founder and Sole English Proprietor, John Duffy. Prior to this time, the organization flourished since 1975 under the title of PPI. (Promotions, Projects and Instruments)

From humble beginnings in London in the mid-'70s with the manufacture of a new and novel design in Double Bass covers, the three members of PPI went on to explore and study the history of string instrument placements throughout Europe, USA and the Far East.Coinciding with this interest, other opportunities arose to present in concert form, a number of artists both experienced, and younger musicians, in need of exposure.

It is of interest to note that these studies and activities were undertaken by the three members of PPI while still in full-time employment with the London Symphony Orchestra, an occupation which naturally would lead to many connections as their experience evolved.

In 1985 when John Duffy moved to the United States, the triumvirate dissolved but the PPI title was kept and taken to the US, to be reset up in Pittsburgh and later in Miami and New York.

During the following ten years large scale expansion was achieved throughout USA, and many important contacts in Japan and the Far East were established both in the instrument world, as well as the promotion of concerts and events.

The first Far East base for PPI was set up in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1996 and whilst keeping a colourful variety of activities alive in US and UK, a firm foundation for the permanent home of the organization was developed, and culminated in the present form of Amati Music being established in 2001, in Tokyo.